Water Softeners

In 2004, we added Water Softeners to our product line. In gathering customer feedback, we found that more than half of our bottled water customers were dissatisfied with the performance of their water softener and/or the supplier who installed the unit. We heard horror stories with regard to 3 hour sales calls, poor service and expensive repairs.

Not having any experience in the business, we set out to learn as much as we could, and to find a supplier who could help us get started. We visited several potential suppliers around the Midwest, and found that most of those we visited did not place a high value on ethics and providing good customer service.

In the process, we met with the folks at Puritan Water Conditioning located in Crawfordsville IN. Puritan has been family owned and operated within their community for 40+ years. And more importantly, Puritan seemed to put the needs of their customers before their own. Subsequently, we made the decision to partner with Puritan.

Since 2004, we have installed over 1,000 water conditioning units around NW Indiana.We attribute this success to a few basic business principles. 1) We treat our customers as we want to be treated. 2) We will not over or undersell for our own benefit. 3) Our primary goal is always to solve our customer's problem for a fair price.

Puritan Water Conditioning

Originally established in 1905, the Puritan Water Conditioning Company has been doing business in Indiana for over 100 years. Located in Crawsfordsville IN, Puritan has become the service leader in the Indiana water treatment industry.Their success can be attributed to work ethic, knowledge and a business model that always puts the customer first.

Product offerings include:

  • Puritan WS1 Water Softeners (Single Tank)
  • Puritan Aquamind Plus Water Softeners (Dual Tank)
  • Puritan Iron Trap – Iron Removal Systems
  • MicrolineTFC-3 – Reverse Osmosis Systems

For additional information visit: http://puritanwater.net/

Advantages of Soft Water

Having soft water saves money, saves time, reduces frustration, and provides for a better quality of life.

  • Use 75% less soap and fewer cleaner products
  • Increases plumbing longevity
  • Water Heaters longevity and provides significant operational cost savings
  • Bathing: soft water does not remove natural oils allowing for softer skin and more manageable hair.
  • Water Using Appliances last longer (Coffee Pots, Dishwashers, Water Heaters, Washing Machines, Showerheads and all other plumbing fixtures.
  • Laundry: allows for softer, cleaner, and longer lasting clothing

These are only a few advantages. More information can be found by following the links below:





Rent-Purchase Option

Since not all water softeners are created equal, and not every application is the same, we offer a rental/purchase option. Our aim is always to provide equipment that is suitable to your application, but factors do change. Some of those factors include: 1) Iron content in Well Water, 2) Levels of Hydrogen Sulfide Gas, 3) Change in number of people in household, 4) Lifestyle Changes, & 5) Seasonal Use Fluctuations. For these reasons, and because we want our customers to be sure the equipment is going to function as promised, we offer a rent first-purchase second option.

Here's how it works: Along with the written estimate, we also provide a price sheet. The monthly rental and purchase prices are noted for the equipment we are recommending for your application. We encourage our customers to initially rent the equipment. Any and all rent paid in the first 12 months comes off of the purchase price (sales tax is not deducted). You can purchase at any time, and that first year's rent, if paid, is deducted.

The rental agreement is month to month, and if not satisfied, we will remove the equipment and terminate billing. If the equipment is purchased, the warranty as quoted on the original estimate form is in effect from original date of installation.

Installation of Equipment

Our approach to installing equipment in your home is the same we would take in our own homes. We do not take shortcuts. Unless requested by the homeowner, we install using materials that are like those in your home. For example, if your home is plumbed in copper material, we will use copper as well.

Typically, the installation cost is the approximate price we've paid for the materials that will remain in your home. Generally, for a home that has previously had a water softener, the price is around $75.00. The installation price will be quoted at time of written estimate.

Water Tests/In-Home Estimates

No Sales Pitches! When providing a potential customer with an estimate, our goal is simple: to not be intrusive, and to be quick and efficient. When performing an in-home visit, we will test the water for hardness, iron & possibly total dissolved solids & ph. Based on information you provide, and the test results, we will give options as to what will be best in your application. In addition, we take a look at space and plumbing as to provide for an installation estimate.

The estimate is written and customized to your application. After we explain the rationale behind our recommendation, we leave. There is no pressure to make a decision on the spot as we do not employ sales reps looking to make sales commissions.We encourage potential customers to shop around and compare features/benefits/pricing and service from our competitors.

Equipment Warranties

All equipment purchased from CVW is covered by a warranty. The coverage period will be included in the written estimate which super-cedes our price sheet. The warranty goes into effect from the date of installation, even in cases of rent-option purchase.

Our warranties are all inclusive: (trip, diagnosis, parts & labor), there are no additional or hidden charges to repair malfunctioning equipment. Exceptions are to this are charges for repair malfunction caused by an external source: natural disaster, tampering, accident in the home, or negligence.

We do not offer warranty extensions for purchase. Warranties are generally 3-5 years depending on the equipment installed.

Healthy Solutions For Your Water

Specializing in water conditioning and filtration systems, Coastal Valley Water Company in Valparaiso, Indiana is your trusted source for healthy water. Unlike other water conditioning companies, we're locally owned and operated, and stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and technological advancements with filtration systems. We're enhancing the quality and safety of your water, 1 glass at a time.

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